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B i o g r a p h y

Julia began her study of music as a child with the study of piano. She also played and performed, glockenspiel, clarinet and xylophone in the school band, marching band and played and performed duet piano works and was the Bach organist in her community. Ms. Green was initiated by her immigrant Swiss family into dance and yodel music, which then interested her in ethnic music, (Gamelon Orchestra) in conjunction with her classical music studies. Ms. Green also studied zoology and philosophy at Western Illinois University, Northern Illinois University, Buffalo State College, and then onto University of New Mexico to begin her graduate studies. Upon moving to Manhattan, Ms. Green studied with well-known voice coach, Tom LaMonaco. She also studied voice with Nancy Ribakov and piano with Sy Ribakov,  both from the Juilliard School of Music. Julia studied piano with Monique le Duc from the Paris Conservatoire and Mary Gunning from the New Mexico Symphony. In conjunction, Julia studied voice with soloist Ms. Jean Kraft from the Metropolitan Opera and Chicago Lyric Opera, and Regina Rickless from the European stage. Notably, Ms. Green was chosen to perform a piano concert for the Spanish Ambassador to the US in Albuquerque, NM. (1999). She performed a solo voice program in Natal, Brazil which included, Lieder, Italian arias and American songs. Julia received the honor of teaching a master class to the opera students at Federal American University, Natal, Brazil. She has performed several opera roles and produced and performed for artist’s series in the US. Ms. Green has served at the University of New Mexico as a faculty pianist – (2001-05) at UNM. In conjunction with performing, teaching and continuing her education, Julia prepared the children’s chorus for Opera Southwest, i.e., 'Amahl and the Night Visitors', 'La Traviata" and contemporary operas. She was also the director of the Edgewood Opera Group, which introduced the community to the performing arts and the opera stage. Many of Julia’s students were in the SWO opera productions and are presently at major universities and choruses throughout the US. Most recently Ms. Green created, produced, coached and performed WOB, Way Off Broadway which featured actors, singers, musicians and a chorus performing broadway characters.  Ms. Green has accompanied and prepared many students for many levels of recitals and competitions, auditions, university programs, opera, and Broadway productions while continuing to produce, perform and record in Durango, CO and hosts shindigs, poetry and theatre readings. She is currently writing original off-Broadway oeuvres in Durango, CO. Please contact Ms. Green for complete list of piano and vocal works Ms. Green teaches from her studio.

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